Finding Your Awards

Your current awards are listed in RAMweb.

  1. Login on the left side, for Applicants and Current Students.
  2. Click on ‘Financial Aid’, under the header “Financial Information”.
  3. Select the appropriate “Award Year” from the drop-down menu and “Submit”.
  4. Click on the “Awards” tab at the top of the page; if your institutional award has renewal or disbursement criteria it will have links to view them underneath.
  5. (Please be advised that you may have requirements that may need to be completed before you can view the “Awards” tab.)


If your institutional award permits an appeal (for not meeting stated renewal criteria), information about that process is located in RAMweb (as described above), in the “Renewal Criteria” link.  Typically appeals are accepted June 1- July 31, at Student Financial Services, for students who did not meet their renewal criteria at the end of the spring semester. Letters are generally mailed to students who did not meet the renewal criteria at the beginning of June (after Satisfactory Academic Progress has run) to their mailing address on file; it will also be stated on RAMweb in the “Summary” tab . For more information on appeals, please visit your RAMweb or call a Student Financial Services Counselor at (970) 491-6321.