University mission

Inspired by its land-grant heritage, CSU is committed to excellence, setting the standard for public research universities in teaching, research, service and extension for the benefit of the citizens of Colorado, the United States and the world.

– Adopted by the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System in May 2010

The Community for Excellence fits best in the teaching and extension portions of the university mission.  Many of the awards involve providing access to college for students from a variety of backgrounds, and the land-grant heritage refers to CSU’s commitment to be available for ALL Colorado residents who wish to attend.  C4E is integral to meeting CSU’s Strategic Plan.

Student Success Initiative

The Community for Excellence (C4E) was suggested as a part of a large set of systematic changes started in 2007 to increase student success at Colorado State University.  The original report is title “A Plan for Excellence


The ACUA or Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Affairs was created in 2006 by the Student Success Initiatives I (SSI) which recommended linking financial support and academic/transitional support for students. The ACUA created the Transition Coordinating Committee (TCC) who was directly responsible for the Community for Excellence (C4E) in 2010.  See the Organizational Chart.


A more complete listing of who is involved can be found under C4E Contacts, Staff Introductions.

The short list of offices collaborating on Community for Excellence:

  • Student Financial Services
  • Admissions
  • The Access Center
  • The Cultural Centers
  • The Vice-President for Student Affair’s Office
  • Colorado Challenge
  • The Academic Advancement Center
  • The Center for Advising and Student Achievement
  • Athletics
  • …with help and consultation from many other offices from across campus!


The Community for Excellence also represents CSU’s commitments to the community with partners who are providing awards and partner schools.