Congratulations on your selection as a Colorado State University C4E Scholar!  Your recognition as a Community for Excellence (C4E) scholar provides you with a unique opportunity to share in a community that recognizes your potential and is committed to your success!

Our commitment to you is not only in providing financial support, but providing you a network of university faculty and staff who have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed.  Over the course of your college experience, they will provide you with:

  1. Mentoring
  2. Academic Support
  3. Tools
  4. Knowledge and Experience
  5. Connections to further resources

As a C4E Scholar, you will also be invited to several events where you will have an opportunity to meet other C4E Scholars and grow in your experiences as a member of the CSU and Fort Collins community.

Your C4E community will also seek to provide you with:

  • Access to valuable knowledge and good practices for student success
  • Growth and development as a student leader through student engagement in:
    • Service Learning and Community Engagement (SLICE)
    • Travel Abroad
  • Links to different colleges and university departments
  • Career Resources and Professional Development
  • Good practices
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Sharing advice

Community:  Good things happen when you get involved with your local communities, stay abreast of:

  • What is going on in CSU community
  • What is going on in Fort Collins community
  • What is going on in your residence hall or residential community
  • Peer to peer counseling
  • Advice on distinguishing yourself in your academic career
  • Steps to managing your college experience and preparing for a successful career
  • Success stories
  • Avoiding many of the pitfalls other students have experienced

We are serious about your success!  Your success, however, will be dependent on your involvement.  We encourage you to be actively involved in your educational success and we will be there to support you.