Benefits of Being Part of the Community for Excellence


In addition to the personal support and community benefits that the Community for Excellence provides, the institutional and outside programs that comprise Community for Excellence all have some form of financial award associated with them, whether institutionally through CSU or from the outside program (please be advised that the amounts vary among the various programs).

Students who are eligible to receive institutional awards will be sent an award letter to their mailing address on file, and be able to see the award on their RAMweb. Please be advised that some awards may require acceptance of the award from their RAMweb “Financial Aid” section. For more information on the awards (and the amounts) from the various programs, please visit the CSU C4E Awards and Programs page. Students with questions on institutional awards (or financial aid) should contact the Office of Financial Aid at (970) 491-6321 for assistance.


Every student is assigned their own personal Community for Excellence Scholar Contact. The Scholar Contact provides mentorship, resources, connections, and high expectations. They can provide the skills necessary to navigate college, which includes, “How did you do it?”

You will also receive connections to individuals and departments, information about workshops, tutors, and many other resources.

Your Scholar Contact is a person who wants YOU to succeed. You were admitted to CSU because we are confident you have the skills and ability to succeed. Let us help you meet that expectation, however you need.


Community for Excellence Scholar Contacts will connect with students just after admissions, to ensure a smooth transition from high school or community college to Colorado State University and have a relationship through graduation.

From the beginning, students will get to know each other and build a supportive community of students who are working through similar issues and who are all exceptional.

Your 1st Semester in the Community for Excellence:

Invitation to the “Community for Excellence Fall Academic Summit.” This event will allow you to:

  • Meet fellow Community for Excellence Scholars
  • Learn more about your Community for Excellence expectations
  • Connect with your Community for Excellence Scholar Contact
  • Enjoy becoming part of the Community for Excellence!

1:1 Meeting with Your Scholar Contact during the first 60 days of classes. During this meeting you will:

  • Discuss your transition to CSU
  • Share any concerns about your classes
  • Identify resources or programs on campus to help you be successful
  • Learn about ways to be involved on-campus
  • Begin building a relationship with your C4E Scholar Contact

Our goal is YOUR graduation!

We celebrate your accomplishments as a community!  See the video celebrating C4E graduates in Spring 2016.

Pathway to Graduate School

Community for Excellence students are eligible to have their application fee waived if they apply for Graduate Admissions through Colorado State University’s Graduate Programs.