New Student Resources

Connecting students with resources is vitally important to their success in college. Here at CSU, we provide a wealth of on campus resources that students can take advantage of while attending school. Campus Resources.


Additionally, the greater Fort Collins Community can be of assistance to students with various programs offered Fort Collins Community Resources.


Common Questions

What is the difference between high school and college academics? You will need to study more outside of class.  Want to get ahead?  Work on managing your time with a planner or the calendar in your account. Also, there is more emphasis on exams and fewer of them.  If you are nervous about taking tests, attend a workshop or talk to the Academic Advancement Center.
Why do some students struggle their first semester? The biggest issue is when you don’t go to or engage in class.
Second on the list:  you will need to study outside of class – add time to your planner and stick to it!.
Finally, ask for resources or help when needed.  We don’t mind – it’s what we are here for!
What do successful CSU students do? Engage early/start well, track progress and seek feedback, USE YOUR RESOURCES!
What do you do if you get a bad grade on an early exam? Change something you are doing, meet with faculty, TA, or tutor.  Finally, set some goals that you can meet each week.  You are doing great if you achieve 4/5 of your goals.