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Barb Musslewhite with Diana De La Cruz

Diana Delacruz-Aparicio

C4E Partnership Award Affiliations: TRIO Upward Bound Partnership Award & First Generation Award

High School She Graduated From: Northridge High School, Class of 2011

Major @ CSU: Human Development and Family Studies

CSU Anticipated Graduation Date: Summer of 2015

Diana’s Story

While at CSU, Diana was involved with the Presidents Leadership Program, the CSU-UADY Leadership Exchange Program through the SLiCE office. She is a sister of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. She also had the opportunity to study abroad to Barcelona Fall 2014. Recently, she was a part of the Alternative Spring Break trip to Nogales Arizona where she was able to help with providing humanitarian services such as water & food to migrants crossing the Mexican-American border.

Diana is a first-generation Latina who was the first in her family to not only attend college but to also graduate. Her college experience was very important to her for this very reason which is why she made sure to take advantage of the big opportunity she had of being able to attend college. It was very important for her to get involved with what CSU had to offer to her because she truly believes that the experiences we gain out of classes help build us as individuals based on our interests. And that’s what she loved about CSU, there was so much to experience. Whether it was joining different organizations, attending campus events, doing community service, work-study, or getting involved with the SDPS offices, they all had a great impact on her college experience.

She feels truly blessed to have had the support from individuals who believed in her and helped her get through the four best years of her life. Her biggest supporters were her parents. She did all of this for them because they have sacrificed so much throughout their lives as immigrants from Mexico and Diana is dedicated to help them have a better life.

After Diana graduates this summer she will be working with City Year in Denver for 11 months where she will be working in a school helping teachers and mentoring students. She is very excited to commit a year with City Year because her career interests involve helping first-generation students obtain a higher education. While working with City Year, Diana will also be applying for graduate programs in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Her dream would be to get accepted into the CSU graduate program!


Joseph Espinoza

C4E Partnership Award Affiliations:

Alliance Partnership

High School He Graduated From:

Centauri High School, Class of 2011

Major @ CSU:

Health & Exercise Science

CSU Graduation Date:

Spring 2015

Joseph’s Story
Hailing from Romeo, Colo., a small town of 375 inhabitants located in the San Luis Valley, Espinoza came to CSU in 2011 as part of the Key Explore Community: a residential learning community which offers guidance to students by helping them explore their options at CSU. After gaining a holistic look at health care, he decided his focus at CSU would be on health promotion.

He has attributed his success to extracurricular activities that have expanded his experience. “I’ve attended leadership retreats while at CSU, and take advantage of any opportunities I can. Getting involved with professional organizations, such as the Academic Advancement Center, has been very helpful.” The Academic Advancement Center is a student support services program that helps low-income, first-generation college students, foster youth, and students with disabilities stay in college until they earn their baccalaureate degrees. Having early exposure to leadership is also a factor in his success, says Espinoza. “Being a part of the Beta Gamma Nu fraternity has gotten me involved in community organizations and helped me to development management and leadership skills.”

He graduated in May 2015 and continues to work at CSU as a Residence Hall Assistant Director.

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